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I can no more prove who you are as you can prove who I am.


I could be Jonathan Rees.

I could be his son Jason Rees.

I could be his wife Mindy Rees.

I could be his campaign manager.

I could be one of his opponents.

I could be someone hired by others to sabotage his campaign.

I could be someone who hates you.


Point is, you can never prove who I am no more than I can prove who you are and as slick as you appear to be with computers, the internet and so on, you seem to show everyone you know how to use it all to do what you do and that is to deceive people in the process.


This is why I ask for that face to face meeting you keep on avoiding because you are not a person named B. Frank as you know that you cannot produce an ID that that extent.


You are a loser and you keep loosing ground here as your failure to prove anything for sure and your unwillingness to meet sends up a red flare to all that there is merit to the claim that B. Frank is a phony name like all the others you have used through trickery and manipulation.


So either agree to meet or shut up.

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