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Sacred Swastika

Guest Thomas Mountford

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Guest Thomas Mountford

by Thomas Mountford


"Think of the most sacred thing in your life, think of the most precious thing and put the swastika into that place. Put the swastika into your heart. Put the swastika on your altar. Put the swastika on the image you use to represent God, love, peace, or the cosmos." These are the opening lines from the Friends of the Swastika webring.


Rudyard Kipling used it as his personal coat-of-arms. The Boy Scouts used it as their symbol. American fighter pilots flew into combat against German forces with it emblazoned on their planes. And it adorns ancient synagogues alongside the Star of David.


Appearing in the iconography of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Jansenism, the Swastika is the most misunderstood symbol in the modern world.

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