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Bfrankdc, Did You See Team Rees On Connecticut Ave?

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Did you see Team Rees last night on Connecticut Avenue NW near the Zoo?


Some of my friends said that last night around six people with Team Rees was giving out his campaign literature near the Zoo and were going in and out of these apartments near the Zoo.


It seems that all your negativism Bfrankdc does not deter Rees and his team from being out there every day and one of my friend who works at the Starbucks across from the Zoo said that a small group of citizens were asking Rees questions outside her store.


What I am sensing is, while you speak ill of Rees, he is out there every day in force but I have yet to see anything going on with any of his rivals and from a business point of view, I think Rees has a good marketing approach beacuse you can t go anywhere in our ward without seeing his people walking the streets every day.


Go ahead Bfrankdc, show your jealousy but you cannot slow down or stop Team Rees if can call it that from their well runned advertising campaign other than talk crap from behind your computer which is not read by 99.9% of the voters in our ward!


You are a knucklehead Bfrankdc.

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