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The Final Freedoms


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A real monkey wrench is about to both sides in the ID vs Evolution debate and religion may be in for difficult times? For there is a wholly new interpretation of the teachings of Christ, contained within the first ever religious claim and proof that meets all the criteria of the most rigourous, testable scientific method, published and circulating on the web. It is titled The Final Freedoms.


It is described as a single Law and moral principle, offering its own proof, one in which the reality of God confirms and responds to an act of perfect faith, by a direct intervention into the natural world, providing a correction to human nature including a change in natural law [biology], consciousness and human ethical perception [proof of the soul], providing new, primary insight and understanding of the human condition!


So while proponents of ID may have got the God part right, but if this development demonstrates itself to be what it claims, all religious teaching and understanding of ID are wholly in error, and the proponents of evolution who have rightly used that conception to beat down the credibility of religious tradition, but who have also used it to deny the potential for God, are in for a very rude shock. Wonderful irony!


However improbable, the impossible may have become possible. This is no joke, no hoax and not spam.


A free pdf download of the manuscript is available at www.energon.uklinux.net


Cheers: R.A. Landbeck

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