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BETHESDA, Md., April 8 /U.S. Newswire/-- Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2004 Juliette Rizzo will make an appearance on the Discovery Health channel's upcoming National Body Challenge series. Rizzo's segment will air during Episode III on Monday April 12, 2004, at 9 p.m. The series begins with the first two episodes today at 9 p.m. Rizzo, one of 300,000 people who took the challenge across the country, participated personally in the challenge from January 10 through April 3, 2004, and achieved great results as a person with a disability who previously experienced weight loss challenges due to limited mobility.


The National Body Challenge is a 12-week nationwide initiative that challenges Americans to improve their health and shed extra weight, while adopting a healthier lifestyle. The National Body Challenge provides a weight loss and fitness program personalized to every individual free of charge and was developed under the advisement of Pamela Peeke, an internationally recognized expert in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, stress and fitness.


Rizzo decided to take the challenge in response to a question she was asked by a judge during the Ms. Wheelchair Maryland competition last fall. When asked what one thing she wanted to change about herself, Rizzo answered that she wanted to change her personal commitment to her health and fitness. As an ambassador who communicates the needs and achievements of


Maryland's 1.5 million people with disabilities, Rizzo also shared that she took the challenge to elevate that people with disabilities have the same health and fitness needs as anyone else, a message often overlooked in the mainstream media and health and fitness arenas.


Rizzo made an initial appearance on a Discovery Health Newsbreak for the National Body Challenge on February 14, 2004. Rizzo also will compete for Ms. Wheelchair America 2005 in Richmond, Virginia, July 27-August 1, 2004.


For additional information on Rizzo's involvement in the National Body Challenge contact Ms. Wheelchair Maryland State Coordinator Robert Watson at 301-343-7251 or Juliette Rizzo at 301-518-0615.


The Ms. Wheelchair Maryland organization emphasizes one's advocacy and public speaking skills, as well as personal perception and projection. The Ms. Wheelchair Maryland "Pageant" is open to all women who use a wheelchair on a daily basis, are permanent residents of Maryland and who are between 14 and 60 years old. The Ms. Wheelchair Maryland program is a sisterhood of dynamic women who are dedicated to promoting disability awareness, education, and empowerment. The person selected to hold the title serves as a spokesperson whose responsibility it is to speak to the general public and the disability community about her life as a person with a disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and a platform issue of her choosing. Moreover, Ms. Wheelchair Maryland competes nationally with other state titleholders in the annual Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant.


To invite Juliette Rizzo to speak to a group or organization or to provide sponsorship for her to participate in Ms. Wheelchair America 2005, contact State Coordinator Robert Watson at 301-343-7251 or Robert@dateable.org.


Ms. Wheelchair Maryland is made possible by donations from individuals and organizations. Donations should be sent to Ms. Wheelchair Maryland, 7830 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, Md. 20814.

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