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Guest Cpl. Doug Henderson

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Guest Cpl. Doug Henderson

The U.S. Marine in Iraq who shot and killed an enemy combatant who was

pretending to be dead but in reality was alive. If you have any feelings

for this Marine who was doing his job then please read and help take action

for this American Hero. I am asking all who receive this message to add

your name in support of the young Marine accused of murdering a combatant in



He called out to his buddies that the person was faking, the person

apparently made a suspect move and the marine shot him dead. There was

another combatant in the room who identified himself as being wounded...The

Marines did not shoot him. The ACLU are claiming the Marine is guilty of a

war crime. This is ridiculous!


Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Channel feels there is overwhelming support

for this young Marine


Let's prove him right- we can make a difference!

The servicemen fighting for our freedom and safety deserve our support.

Support is indicated by adding your name to the list that follows. Best to

copy and paste, then add your name to the list or, press "forward" and send

to everyone in your address book you think should read this. You can only

add your name after you have pressed "forward" or "copy and paste" don't

delete any names - just go to the next number and type your name.


1. Cpl. Doug Henderson, Cabin John, MD former USMC, and I agree with Chuck, # 183,

imbed the aclu, then make them stay. We have too many bad lawyers here anyway

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