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The Mooney Suzuki- Electric Sweat


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by Samuel-182

Monday 18 August 2003 - 16:54:27


review by hot_cypress


Last year the garage rock scene hit hard with bands like The Strokes, The White Stripes, and The Hives getting heavy rotation on many modern rock stations. However last year was also the release of The Mooney Suzuki's Electric Sweat, a blistering 10-track homage to the proto-punk bands like MC5 and The Stooges.



1. Electric Sweat

2. In a Young Man 's Mind

3. Oh Sweet Susanna

4. A Little bit of Love

5. It's not Easy

6. Natural Fact

7. It's Showtime pt.2

8. I woke up this Morning

9. The Broken Heart

10. Electrocuted Blues


ELECTRIC SWEAT- The title track that kicks off the cd with the clanging of an electric guitar. Fun Lyrics, Good Solo, and overall fun.


IN A YOUNG MAN'S MIND- A great song about growing and wanting to be in a band to meet chicks. Also good music video starring Tenacious D's one and only Jack Black.


OH SWEET SUSANNA- A catchy tune that is very soulful and light. Not Recommended for the stone cold rocker.


A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE- Yet again Catchy and good guitar parts. Song about trying to get a girl's attention and trying to do anything for it.


ITS NOT EASY- Awesome Solo sneaks in and gets you jumping. Best Non-Instrumental song on the album.


NATURAL FACT- Rhyming and Fun but my least favorite song on the album.


ITS SHOWTIME pt 2- Swinging Instrumental featuring kick ass organ and guitar work.


WOKE UP THIS MORNING- Great Song. Very go od guitar parts. Song about starting over with a determination to change yourself.


THE BROKEN HEART- The only ballad on the album. Slow and Sou lful though not for your rocking punk.


ELECTROCUTED BLUES- THE BE ST SONG ON THE ALBUM. Awesome solos and pedal work. Plus Great Rhythm section work.



I'll leave you with this quote from them that will sum up why this is the best garage album of 2002.

"People come up to us every day and ask if the Mooney Suzuki is gonna save rock 'n' roll. Well I'm gonna tell you something right now -- the Mooney Suzuki cannot save rock 'n' roll."

"The Mooney Suzuki cannot save rock 'n' roll -- because the Mooney Suzuki never lost rock 'n' roll!"

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