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We Do Document Conversions


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My company "LAC Solutions" does the following:


Data Processing

* document conversions

* OCR scanning/cleanup

* Word Processing


Desktop Publishing

* Newsletters

* Fliers

* Brochures

* Forms


SEC Edgar Conversion/Filing

* ASCII document conversions for Edgar filing

* HTML document conversion for Edgar filing

* PDF document conversion for Edgar filing

* All filings include email notification of filing status.


Why outsource to a foreign entity when you can get the job done right here

in your own backyard. I am a one person company. But I've got 20 years

of Data Processing experience and would be more than happy to assist any

company with their work overflow. My website is http://www.lacsolutions.com.

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Guest Webseed

Search Engine Placement Service Launched; WebSeed.com Uses Relevant Text to Boost Search Engine Rankings


BOULDER, Colo., May 2/PRNewswire/NEWSdesk/ -- WebSeed.com announced its $695 search engine ranking improvement service today, guaranteeing customers top-10 positions in the sixteen most popular search engines for any keywords they choose. The service, which has been under development for three years, relies on writers to create keyword-rich content while following a page attribute formula that results in high search relevancy scores. The service also helps boost the popularity scores of clients' websites.


Because the WebSeed page creation process is handled by real people rather than automated scripts, the service avoids the most common limitation (and complaint) of traditional search engine strategies: that too many website owners spam the search engines with pages created by automated scripts. The pages created by WebSeed are constructed with keyword-rich articles written by professional writers, and WebSeed only allows clients to choose highly-relevant keywords.


WebSeed also handles search engines requiring human interaction: YAHOO, SNAP and Ask Jeeves, for example. Other search engines covered by the WebSeed service include Alta Vista, MSN, Excite, WebCrawler, Netscape, AOL, Hotbot, Infoseek (GO), Google, Northern Light and Lycos. WebSeed also advises clients on strategies for placing bids on GOTO.com.


WebSeed shuns techniques that attempt to trick the search engines -- such as keyword repetition, switch-and-bait web pages, or redirects. Mike Adams, creator of WebSeed, explains, "We give the search engines exactly what they want: keyword-rich web pages that are professionally written and highly relevant."


The WebSeed placement-boosting process takes 90 days to complete, requiring over 70 action steps by WebSeed staff. During this process, clients can view a progress graph and activity log showing the steps that have been completed for their website. Ranking analysis reports show exactly how many top-ten positions have been achieved during the WebSeed process.

Source: WebSeed.com


Contact: Mike Adams of WebSeed.com, mikeadams@webseed.com, +1 303-415-2520

Web site: http://www.webseed.com/

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