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Against All Authority - Nothing New For Trash Like


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by Mike

Thursday 04 September 2003 - 15:22:10


Against All Authority is a great ska-core band; easily one of my favorites. In recent years theyve put out some awesome records like 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, and I've chosen to review their most recent, Nothing New for Trash Like You (released in 2001).


Just An Obstruction

This song seems like its about the conquest of the America's by Eurpoeans and the evil means by which this occured, and securing America's legacy. Great song with energy out the ass.


That Way

America turns a blind-eye to the problems of the rest of the world, and continues oppression here, or so says this song. Solid ska parts with some not-so-standard scratchy vocals.


In On Your Joke

Can't find any lyrics for this song, and theyre not very discernible. A good song nonetheless.



This song is about Mikhail Bakunin, one of the founders fathers of Anarchism, and a Russian revolutionary. Good ska hooks, great song.


Living in Miami

About a kid that finds his home in punk rock, I'm lovin this song; some good ska/punk integration. Shitloads of energy, and just great to slam or skank to.


When It Comes Down To You

About some girl with a shitty life, workin hard for next to nothing, this song is simply kicks ass. As always, an excellent use of their ska skills and a fast paced ass kicker.


Nothing To Lose

Great ska hooks, this song is about some homeless guy who does drugs to escape life. Kicks ass.


Haymarket Square

The Haymarket Square riot of 1886 was over workers rights and unions. Cops being cops, especially in the 1800's, took the corporations side and beat down the workers. Fast song, good stuff.


Sacco and Vanzetti

The infamous anarchists and anti-governmentalists Sacco and Vanzetti were executed for crimes of conspiracy against the American government during the 1950's. Great ska/punk integration, gets your ass moving.



I love the ska-ness in this song. I think its about an immigrant. I love this song.



No lyrics to this one either, but from what I can make out he says something about "This is a war" and something about "Punks Not Dead." Make of it what you will. Very fast, very awesome. Kick ass ska part in the middle-end.


Hard As **thank**

An anti-religious song... yep. Thats about it. Goes out on a sweet ska note.



This ones about how he finds the girl he used to oggle in middle school or something in a **homework**o mag some years later. That actually sounds kind of funny, but he was pretty pissed about it. Very catchy ska going on.


Above The Law

Above the Law speaks of police brutality and harassment of (of course) the local Punks, and the sweet retaliation he gets. One of my favorites, just because it kicks a cubic shitload of ass.


We Wont Submit

About rebellion of course. It also criticizes people stuck in cubicles and crap, especially the ones that dont do anything. Cool ska goin on.


Court 22

Apparently this guys been kicked out and messed with all his life (according to this song). I like it.


Under Your Authority

Some guy stuck in some 9-5 actually rises to the occasion and fights the bullcrap. Right-on. My favorite song on this album. It. Just. **thank**ing. Rocks.


Ska Sucks

Where would any modern ska/ska-core band be without covering this Propagandhi classic. Good cover.


Im a sucker for kick ass ska albums. 5/5

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