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Very carefully that's how. Finding a great teacher who is going to come into your home and spend time with your child should not be left to chance. Use a referal always. This is simply the best way to ensure not only the quality of the person you get but also the quality of the instruction. It's always a good thing when someone you trust tells you about their experience with so and so who taught their child piano at home. You can trust that they were happy because they're telling you about it! People always like to share a good experience with their friends and neighbors. So if you need a private music instructor start by talking to people you know. Ask around and you'll be sure to learn about a teacher or two. Another good way to find a good teacher is to ask the music person at your childs school. They almost always will be able to point you in the right direction.

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You do have to be picky about teachers. Some don't know how to relate their knowledge and some don't have the knowledge. I studied music as a kid and so I have an idea of what to expect.


I did find a drum teacher for my son and he is quite good. He can relate to my 11 year old. I found him through the B&B Music World service. Nice people.

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