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I'm currently seeking a job as a housekeeper in the DC areas.

Anyone interested please contact me ASAP.


My housekeeping duties include:

windows, laundry, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen(dishes, cleaning microwave, refridgerator and stove) floors, living room and dining room.


I have excellent references...if you need housekeeping help contact me.


Thank you

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I have a three month old son that I need someone to watch 20 hours a week (currently)… My mother-in-law will be the primary nanny and will be in the house at all times but we feel that we need someone to provide her with assistance since she has trouble carrying the baby by herself. Other responsibilities would include house cleaning. The mother-in-law if fluent in Spanish as is my wife. We are looking for long-term assistance with the possibility of adding more hours in the future. Please email me if you are interested in the position.


Location: Reston, Virginia

Two days a week (10 hours per day)

We will pay Nanny Tax in addition to your salary.

Work Visa or Green Card required.




- Craig.

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