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Guest Levet G. Brown

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Guest Levet G. Brown

I am very dissapointed in businesses throuhout the DC area, Recently we had 3 teams from your area inquire about participating in our Metro Youth Basketball League, we allowed them to enter at no cost, These are girls and boys ages 10-18 that come from disadvantaged families. Every team in this league has uniforms except the DC teams, what these kids did was collect white t-shirts and put numbers on the front and back. While I applaud their effort in this matter, it saddens me that the city in which they live which happens to be the nations capital could not give these kids the diginity to help them out. I want to make the Mayor aware of this, and I also invite him to attend one of their events. I am supplying the Mayor with our website, I wish that we could personally purchase them uniforms but we cannot afford it, we did what we could for them but their needs definetly have not been met. Our website is www.laurelyouthbetterment.com and you would clink on the link Metro Youth Basketball, the teams are DC Allstars. They are representing DC and competing against teams from Maryland,DC and Virginia.


Levet Brown, Program Director and native of S.E. Washington DC



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