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Music & Dance Of The Andes At Sully Elementary Sch

Guest Peter Kronenberg

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Guest Peter Kronenberg

Sterling, VA: The Sully Elementary School PTO is proud to present Music

& Dance of the Andes, featuring music by Yarawi and dance by Alma

Boliviana (Bolivian Soul) to be performed at Sully Elementary School,

300 Circle Dr in Sterling, on Saturday, December 3, 2005 at 7:00pm in a

performance open to the general public. The cost is $8 per person.

Children under 2 are admitted free. All proceeds will go toward Sully's

Discovery Park, the new Science Park & Playground to be built at Sully.


Yarawi means "poetry/song" - the music of Yarawi interprets the sound of

rain, wind, thunder, rivers and bird songs. Using more than 15

instruments typical of the South American Andes, Yarawi's musical

arrangements and original compositions reflect a strong commitment to

preserve Andean folklore, folklife and music. Children are chosen to

help demonstrate some of the instruments.


Alma Boliviana is a cultural and dance organization from Arlington,

Virginia. Its mission is to continue Andean Bolivian culture through

dance interpretation and preserve and strengthen indigenous cultural

roots in the immigrant Bolivian community.


This interactive program is suitable for all ages.


Snacks and drinks will be available for sale.


Discovery Park is a community project to build a science playground at

Sully Elementary School. The playground will be available to all

members of the community. In addition to serving as a traditional

playground, the goal of Discovery Park is to make science more

accessible to children on a daily basis and to relate science to their

lives. Discovery Park will increase every child's opportunity to

experience science.


The Sully Elementary School PTO will be holding fundraisers and offering

sponsorships for people and businesses who wish to contribute to this

community project.


The Sully Elementary School PTO is a 501©(3) corporation.


For further information, please contact Valerie Petrey at (703)

787-8931, vpetrey@aol.com

or Peter Kronenberg at (703) 444-9484, pak@carouselpuppets.com.

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