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Sewing and Embroidery Software











Designs Collection CD :


OESD Design Collection 2003 (20.000+ Designs)

Panto Stock 2000 Deluxe (4.000+ HQ Designs)

Compucon Anthology 2 (4.700+ HQ Designs DST & XXX)

Singer Embroidery Stock Designs (5.000+ Design)

Dakota Collectibles 2003 + Catalog CD (20.000 Design)

Dakota Collectibles 2004 + Catalog CD (24.000+ Designs)

Dakota Collectibles 2005 + Catalog CD (26.000+ Designs)

Digitape Designs 2000 (7.000+ Designs)

Great Notion Design Collection 2003 (18.000 Design)

Great Notion Design Collection 2004 (20.000+ Designs)

Great Notion Design Collection 2005 (22.000+ Designs)



Professional Embroidery Software


Accurate Embroidery Software V4.0

Aps Ethos V3.5 (Virtuoso)

Aps Ethos V6.0 (All Modular)

ApS Ethos V7.0 (All Modular)

Barudan Punchant V6.0 Z (Pro) + User Manual

Barudan Punchant V7.0 F (Pro)

Barudan TES V2.0 April 2004 Release (Creator Professional)

Barudan TES V3.01 (Professional Elite)

Bits & Volts V7.11 (DC II+DL)

Compucon EOS V2.0 + April 2004 Release (Creator Professional)

Compucon EOS V3.01 (Professional Elite)

DataStitch Stitch 2000 Pro "2004 Release" (Data - Master Plus)

GIS Basepac `21 V4.05 ( All Modular ENABLE )

GIS Basepac `21 V5.01 (All Modular ENABLE)

Gunold WINgs V3.0 ( Commander III )

Gunold WINgs 2000 V4.0 (Commander III)

Melco EDS IV Extreme V2.0 ( Summit ) All Options Enable & 80 Fonts

Melco EDS V4.01 (Design Shop Pro+) All Option Enable & 134 Fonts

Melco DesignShop 2004 V5.07 (Pro+)

Melco DesignShop 2005 (With AMAYA) V6.08 (Pro+)

Pantograms Designer "Pro Line" V7.6.13 (Level 4)

Proel Millennium III V1.44 (Punch Advanced Full Option)

Pulse Signature 2000 V9.1 Rev Q (Maestro) All Option Enable & 123 Fonts

Pulse Signature V10.3 2444 (Maestro)

Pulse Signature V10.3 2467 (Maestro)

Punto V5.05 ( Designer )

Punto XP-X V6.02 (Designer)

Rainbow Embroidery Software V5.98F

Sierra Embroidery Office Suite V6.02 + 95 Fonts (Complete Suite)

Sierra Embroidery Office Suite V6.75 + 95 Fonts (Design III)

Sierra Embroidery Office Suite V7.0 + 95 Fonts (Design III)

Sierra Embroidery Office Suite V7.50 + 95 Fonts (Design III)

Tajima DG/ML V6.0 T (Level 5)

Tajima DG/ML V7.0 F (Level 5)

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Rev Q (Maestro)

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Edition "X" V10.3 2444 (Maestro)

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Edition "X" V10.3 2467 (Maestro)

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Edition "Xi" V11.0 2633 (Maestro)

Wilcom Sirius ES-65 V6.1 D

Wilcom Sirius ES-65 V7.1 F

Wilcom Sirius ES-65 V8.0 N

Wilcom Sirius V9.0R Multi Languages (ES-65)

WINgs eXPerience V1.50 (Professional)

ZSK EPCwin V1.10

ZSK EPCWin V2.50 (All Modular)



Sewing & Home Embroidery Software


Autodigitizing V4.0

Babylock Palette V5.6

Bernina Artista V3.0 (Designer Plus)

Bernina Artista V4.0 (Designer Plus)

Brother BE-100 V2.14

Brother PE-DESIGN V5.6

Brother PE-DESIGN V6.0

Buzz Tools Pack ( Buzz Tools Plus, Buzz Edit, Buzz Xplore )

Embird Plus V8.0 (Incl:Iconizer,Sfumato 2.02,Thred 1.04,21 Alphabets,Digitizing Studio)

Generations Embroidery Software V1.1 Build 362

Generations Embroidery Software V1.3 Build 772

Husqvarna VIP Professional Plus V6.2 (Complete System)

Husqvarna 3D Embroidery V7.05 (Professional)

Husqvarna 3D Embroidery V7.20 (Professional)

Janome Digitizing 10000 V1.0 + SP1

Origins Embroidery Software Build 9666

PFAFF Creative Suite V6.2

ZSK Magic Stitch II V1.2



If you don't find the software you are looking for,

e-mail us at :







Try this Link



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