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Hi Valencia


I emailed you already by decided to post my questions here also....


I've sat here an read through all the posts and I must say they're very informative. That Reniece (SP?) is something else!!!! I would like to know if you know of someone in Raleigy/Durham or anywhere in NC you can recommend. I've spoken with 3 people so far and one does not like the Remy hair and the other didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked her about it. The other seems to know what she's talking about and her price is really good except she orders the hair and the price doubles when she does that. If I order my own hair then I'll probably need to get it processed - which takes me to my first question...


I'm currently waiting on a sample from Camille of the virgin remy hair. You said you treat the hair once you get it. What is it you do to it? Are you making it more compatible to African American hair ie. changing the texture? It would seem to me that virgin remy hair would be too silky for black women.


Also how does the fusion hold up for women who workout? I workout six days a week and get pretty sweaty :( Also what's the deal about using oils with the keratin(SP?), does this cause the bonds to swell and the hair to slip out?


Thank in advance for any info you have.



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