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Citizen verdict is on DVD


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I just heard from my friend that works at UMVD that Citizen verdict is on DVD! I havent seen the movie but I've heard some good things about it. Jerry springer is in the movie, which is great because im a huge fan of his. Its basically about these criminals that go on trial and the public decides their verdict. Sound cool! But i want to know more, anyone here seen it? let me know

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Guest Mike Hill

This is an entertaining and well meaning satire on corporate media greed which at times closely resembles 'network' though is sadly marred by the non acting ability of mr. springer as an evil executive who probably would have been far better playing himself. after a highly publicised slaying of a well known celebrity chef; the alleged murderer is exclusively tried on national tv so the verdict may be decided by the viewers. defence lawyer armand assante battles it out with the prosecutor whilst florida governor roy scheidder looks on. stay tuned!

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