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The Big Like Told About Candidate Rees

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In 1999, somebody created a website portraying Judge John Bayly, Jr., of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia as a “drunkard” as a comedy website with an actual picture of the judge publicly intoxicated.


This website floated around for several months and was brought to the attention of Judge Bayly by other judges who had seen it.


Judge Bayly assumed but had no evidence that this man “Rees” had created the website but out of anger, Judge Bayly ordered the arrest of Rees for insulting him on the internet in a website.


The matter was referred over to the U.S. Attorneys Office for prosecution.


At time of trial, and before Judge Michael Rankin, Assistant U.S. Attorney James Boasberg moved the court to dismiss the charge against Rees on the basis that they had no evidence that Rees had created the website, that the website was not a violation of any law, that the arresting of Rees by Judge Bayly was an abuse of a judge’s powers, was vindictive and that what Rees was alleged to have done if true was protected under the 1st amendment right to freedom of speech.


Assistant U.S. Attorney James Boasberg told the court to go forth with a case like this would act as a very dangerous precedent and would in effect abolish the 1st amendment to the U.S. Constitution and he was not going to be a party to a judge (Bayly) who obviously has not respect for such a right granted the people.


Judge Rankin while concluding that the website was vulgar agreed that there had been no violation of law, his associate Judge Bayly abused his judicial powers and dismissed the case warning Rees not to antagonize a judge even if what he says is true.



I work for the law firm of Arnold & Porter and Bill Adler, Jr who is the person posting these long strong of lies about candidate Rees knows the truth, knows that he is attacking the wrong man named Rees and he is hoping all of you buy his lies about candidate Rees.


Candidate Rees is a good man and Bill Adler and all in concert with him need to stop this never ending attacks as it is sick.


Any of you can go and see the real proof at the court house and realize that Bill Adler, Jr is LIAR and is trying to fool all of you.

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