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We Need To Stop This

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All of these attacks on candidates serves no purpose.


It should dawn on any intelligent person that with all the never ending attacks by FRANK whatever on REES that he just outright hates Rees that he has spent three long months here and on every blog he can find bashing Rees morning, noon and night day after day and never stops.


THIS IS THE BAHVIOR OF A MENATLLY ILL PERSON as you do not see Rees her bashing FRANK whatever.


People this is a mentally unbalanced man who should be ignored.


This reminds me of the slur campaign Kilgore pulled on Kaine in Virginia and it backfired on him.


Don't take BILL ADLER, JR's (FRANK whatever) word for the good or bad in any of the candidates but go and look at their websites and learn for yourselves who they are and what they have to offer.

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