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If You Are 50 Or Older-just Die

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Date: 2005-11-15, 9:32AM EST





The following is an “age discrimination” issue and not so much a political one so I ask our good moderators to allow it, to open up a healthy discussion on age discrimination.


A short while ago, Adrian Fenty said he wanted to be our next mayor and then attacked Linda Cropp saying her campaign was only for the “old geezers” of DC and that his campaign and administration would be one for the young and not the old geezers. Fenty was criticized in the media for this. This old geezer mentality is scary to me as a 55 year old man because my years of hard work and paying taxes will mean nothing because I am an old geezer to a Fenty administration.


One of the masterminds behind this “old geezer” slur was a Samuel A.C. Brooks who wants to be our next councilman from ward three and at 27 not yet having lived or ever holding down a real job and family shows me that a councilman Brooks would not be good for the people of ward three 50 or older.


I am offended that a mayoral candidate and candidate for city council from my ward would make it clear that there is no future in DC for me because of my age.


This should offend everyone in this list server as most in my ward who do vote are around 50 and older.


Please people never forget that Adrian Fenty and Samuel A.C. Brooks says there is no future in DC if you are an old geezer (50+) and they have never retracted from that stance and that should alarm people.

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