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Anybody... Have You Seen This Tv Commercial?


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Has anybody seen the TV commercial about buying five boxes of Polident and getting a free companion airfare voucher to fly anywhere in the US? Get the details at www.polident.com Btw, I’m working on this promotion on behalf of GSK, if you would like information on this promotion visit www.polident.com

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I just looked at the site and the reason they are "giving away" a free companion ticket is that they are charging WAY TOO much for the first ticket. Living in DC, I would have to travel to either BWI or Richmond to depart.


From BWI to Las Vegas = $500 (for the first ticket)

From Richmond to Las Vegas = $520 (for the first ticket and they only match the first $500 for the companion ticket)


Funny, I thought I could get two round trip tickets to Vegas for less than $500. ;)


I just looked today at the offer, so it is still available if people want to check it out.

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