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Caring Nanny For Ur Children


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Dear Family,

I am currently an Au Pair in Norther Virginia and a

student at

Northern Virginia Community College. I am from Chad

and speak

excellent English and French.


I have a drivers license and my family has 3 children

who are 6, 8

and 10 years old. I drive them to school, to swim

lessons, to doctor

appointments and to martial arts. We spend a lot of

time at the pool

and the waterpark with their friends. I help them with

homework, do

grocery shopping for the family, cook for them and

help with

cleaning and laundry.


I like to play with my children and make them laugh,

and seeing the

children happy is what makes me happy. I like to read

with them and

we walk the dog together and spend time at the park

and I go fishing

with them at a local pond. I love to play soccer and

dance and I

like to create new games with my children and

entertain them.


I would like to stay in the Virginia/DC/MD area. I am

a student and

can take morning, afternoon or night classes to be

available to work

when you need me. I am able to work during weekends if

you'd like a

weekend getaway just the two of you, which is

something I do for my

current family. i AM CURRENTLY WOKING with an another

family who

have three children 5, 3, and 6 months. I have been

woking for them

for a year now.we go to the pool,musuems, zoo, have

picnic and also

do a lot of activities at home. My family will be able

to give u

excellent references. I am looking for another family

who will

welcome me into their home and who will trust me to

love and cherish

their most precious possession, their children. I wont

be able to

work during christian and national holydays and I will

need to have

two weeks off paid during the year. Hoping to talk to

you soon



Please give me a call at 703 863 3009 AFTER 7PM


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