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Who Really Is President Of The United States?

Guest Frodo

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Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as chief of staff to Colin Powell, declared that he had found directives authorizing torture in Iraq and Afghanistan addressed by collaborators of Dick Cheney to the Pentagon. These directives contradicted other memorandaums emanating from George Bush requiring the respect of the Convention of Geneva. According to L Wilkerson, there is a connection of the vice-presidency to the commanders on the ground, while passing by Donald Rumsfeld, to authorize torture in order to obtain information. The former collaborator of Colin Powell stated in addition that Dick Cheney had created the National Council of Safety (a) which espionnait and sapped the work of the official authority directed at the time by Condoleezza Rice.


If these charges were proven, they would be of an extreme gravity in the sense that they would confirm the existence within the US government of an occult capacity able to impose its will against the decisions of the president of the United States itself. L Wilkerson had already created sensation a few days ago while speaking about a cabal, term whose evocative capacity will not have escaped with anybody, between Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld which would have capacities without precedent in the history of the United States. It is not difficult to make the bringing together between this cabal and the capacity occults whose existence was revealed today. These charges can only add to the distress in which struggles for some time America and with the interrogations of the whole world. The question is henceforth openly put: who directs really the United States and with a which aim?

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Guest BlingBling

The answer seems to me a little short whereas actors of foreground of these events evoke the existence of a capacity parallel in the White House which does not owe anything to the people. Perhaps the investigation into the role and the responsibilities for the Bush administration in the manufacture of false evidence intended to justify the invasion of Iraq will make it possible to clear up this point, namely to determine which financed what it is necessary well to call a crime. Not that the person in charge is unknown quite informed observers. You know, it is the elephant in the part, which everyone sees and about which nobody speaks...

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Guest Give me a break

Who is this elephant? The American people voted for Bush who made the decision to invade Iraq. It is thus the American people which are the elephant.


We supported our President BUsh as long as a favorable exit seemed possible. It You will tell me corporations, large interests finaciers and that which is true does not change anything. The people voted, the people are responsible.

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