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Candidate Rees’ Statement To All Newspapers & Tv


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Many reporters from different newspapers and TV stations have requested that I make a position statement stating the difference between myself and my opponent Sam Brooks


The difference between myself and my only opponent Sam Brooks is: I have around twenty five years of experience in mid to upper level business management and he has none; I have around ten years of experience in the legislative field before the United States Congress and state legislatures and he does not; I have devoted more of my time to helping the poor, elderly and sick and he only talks about it; I have gotten out and literally walked every street of Ward 3 to hand out my political flyer and completed all of Ward 3 in under three months to get my message to voters and my opponent has yet to get out and his strategy to get known is to manufacture/self-inflict wrongs done to gain media attention and while I humbly do my thing not taking anything for granted, my opponent treks DC with an aurora of arrogance, abrasive treatment of people, intimidating tactics and preaches a political agenda liking to what caused our economic calamity and the seizing of our government by a federal control board.


My opponent’s philosophy is that of a these great programs of the past but due to his lack of any real work experience, what he advocates would bankrupt our city and doesn’t address our history of gross mismanagement of all forms of resources.


Sam Brooks has no original ideas and like his senior year thesis on Marion Barry, his entire career has been a cut and pasting from the hard work others.


The WASHINGTON POST, September 11, 2004; Page A20 speaking of my opponent Sam Brooks said:


1. The District deserves a better choice for city council.


2. He doesn’t come anywhere close in the needed experience overall in representing the city.


3. He is long on energy and ambition but short on community service, and lacks substantive knowledge of the problems confronting the city and ideas for solving them.


4. The District needs someone who knows how the government works, is familiar with the city other than through a political door-to-door campaign and who doesn't need on-the-job training in the basics.


Sam Brooks talks about his youth and compares himself to Adrian Fenty but the big difference is, Adrian Fenty had an education in the right area to serve in government and Sam Brooks does not; Adrian Fenty had four to five years of work experience under his belt and Sam Brooks does not and can’t hold any job for long as the public record supports and Sam Brooks reminds people of many young people just out of college that walk through the door with no real work history believing they should be paid $50k to begin with only to get a chuckle.


In sum, when you look carefully at the two candidates, it is night and day but to even think of electing a person with no real work history, a work history where a person can’t sit still and stay for long, who talks a lot about what we should do but has never bothered to jump into the trenches and actually do it and then asks you to vote for and trust him is like asking you to play a form of [Reverse Russian Roulette] where all the chamber but one is full of bullets.



Jonathan R. Rees


Committee To Elect Jonathan R. Rees

Democrat For Ward 3 City Council

P.O. Box 21422, Washington, DC 20009

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