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The Black Man In America

Guest Nadya

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Let Me say My Peace to all the brothers and sisters out here.


am do it it like a nigga becouse thats what they call me,

I hate the fact that the white man label me.

I might be dark and i might be thugged out or dreads to my back,

Why do they act like brother aint got no spot in a white mans land?

If you want to go back to the days when my NANA got raped and violated 4 days,


Now they want to tell me am no good for this so called "free country"

No thank you i don't want your money I work 2wise as hard as you do 4 mine.

I plain sick and tierd from being a victom of society being put in worst ways

The Govermant don't care BUSH eatin cake whille my people scrap for bread.

See am not even a man am a woman telling you from a brothers point of view,

It worry me to death thats what my father,brother, son go through.

But they wonder why we stay in the hood with low paying job and no time to lose.


One thing I know for sure we stay smiling,

It makes me happy ro see a brother smiling

I cry sometimes do is a shame how we livin our life Drug dealin'

But they tell me what i know am just a lil black girl out of control.

Am black and proud i got mind control, am bound to brake the chain

To watch my people fllow and DANCE life a free sprit kids glow.

Ghetto youth rise up left your head high HERE I come brothers and SISTERS just keeping it real!


am just a female poet call me {simplicity with madd beauty and knowledge to feed} for any thing conntact me!


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