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Be Careful For Internet Political Campaign Fraud

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Email the director of the DC OCF and demand that Sam Brooks come

forward NOW and prove his bonafide residence in Ward 3!





The DC Office of Campaign Finance is investigating Sam Brooks for

fraud in his claims of having moved into Ward 3 for purposes of

running for city council from our ward whereby many people went to

his allege home and campaign headquarters only to find nobody ever

there, neighbors who deny ever seeing him and otherwise nobody has

been able to verify his claims where the former U.S. Attorney Wilma

Lewis overseeing the DC Board of Elections & Ethics and Office of

Campaign Finance has asked that this matter be investigated.


Mr. Brooks campaign website does not offer voters any address to his

campaign headquarters, no telephone number to call or even an email

address but a clear request for voters to send him money but no

mechanism for a contributor to verify a contribution or any

safeguard against overcharging.



NOTE: The OCF can verify this matter! Call 202-671-0550

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