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I Wish I Could Move To A Group Home


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Guest Jari (from Finland)

Hi! I found your topics when I was searching for Boba fett pictures in the internet. And I have one guestion about you moving to a group home.


It's that you seem like a nice and caring person. And you love your family so much, so don't you think you would miss your family alot after moving away from home?


There should be a way to make your brother's anger be dealt with in an other way. You moving out isn't the best solution to the problem.


I hope you're you will be fine.



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Guest Joeknight_*

My brother and I and my mom and dad and I are getting along fine and I love my family very much and I help them around the house and I help my mom by getting water and her meds for her. I help my dad by getting some milk for him and I help my brother by helping him with the shead and by taking Cody for a walk too. I help my mom the most because she needs it a lot. I love her with all my heart and I always will love my family forever.

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