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Hello Ladies,

I wanted to verify that YES we are doing mobile services in the DC area. The best way to find if you are in our driving limits is to contact us via email and we can then map quest your address and go from there. We do not drive long distance for air brush tanning as I am sure you can imagine it is expensive and takes a huge bite off our earnings.


As it stands now we try and go the extra mile (literally) for our clients. We do try and keep it under a certain time restriction but this can be best determined by communication.


Thanks again for your emails and questions. Please feel free to post them here or email me @




our website with photos is coming soon! We do have photos but not all of our clients wich to have their faces on the internet and I can't blame them...However we have a diverse group of photos showing all hair types, ethnic groups and styles that will be up the middle of November. I will post the address then.


Next month is Christmas and New Years to follow. A great time of the year to enhance your current hair style is NOW.


Hope this post finds everyone well.

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Hi Jackie

I will email you from my account info@mylongtresses.com. I do have someone (our newest member of the company) who is doing consultations in DC on tuesday. It will be done in her salon in the metro area. She has years of experience and is very knowledgeable with African American & Caucasian Hair.


Thankyou for contacting us.

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