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11/17/05 Baltimore: "synergy... And It Don't Stop"

Guest baltimorehiphoplives!

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Guest baltimorehiphoplives!






Baltimore Hip Hop Lives presents "SYNERGY...And it Don’t Stop" , a musical tribute and party to celebrate 31 years of Hip Hop history.


Baltimore, Maryland (10/26/05) - SYNERGY Media Liaison and Baltimore Hip Hop Lives chairwoman, Courtney “Love” Wheeler is inviting music lovers to join her for “SYNERGY…And it Don’t Stop” , Baltimore’s annual Hip Hop history commemoration celebration. The event will bring together the community from all walks of life to celebrate the true essence and excitement of what Hip Hop was meant to be. The event will take place on Thursday, November 17, 2005 at the 5 Seasons Restaurant and Lounge located at 830 N. Guilford Ave. This year’s event marks 31 years of Hip Hop and the 2nd year of this annual Hip Hop extravaganza.


For 2005, Baltimore Hip Hop Lives has chosen the theme, “And it Don’t Stop!” At 31 one years young, Hip Hop’s reach is global. With Hip Hop making its mark in the most unimaginable places during the last few years, it would appear that America has embraced this culture that continues to evolve and morph into new variations daily. This year's star-studded lineup of Baltimore’s very best musical entertainers includes--Skarr Akbar, E the poet emcee, Plague Up, Sonny Brown, Third Kind and B. Fly of Brown F.I.S.H . Ogun of Real on Purpose Entertainment and the ladies of Rah Energy Promotions will host the festivities.


Hip Hop is not a genre of music; it is a culture. It is a way of life for those that identify with the music, dance, style, writing, etc.—“the voice”. It is the voice of a generation who refused to be ignored because they lack the resources of one that is typically afforded a platform in America. November is a significant month for Hip Hop lovers across the globe. The pioneers, including Africa Bambataa and the Zulu Nation, ask that Hip Hoppers across the world recognize November 12, 1974 as a day of distinction and pay tribute to those who laid the foundation for this revolutionary genre.


“I am thrilled to be an insider at this year’s SYNERGY event!” said Courtney Wheeler, organizer of the event. “SYNERGY started as a concept and eventually became the name I adopted. The event was all about bringing people together to celebrate when Hip Hop started. As a result of the warm reception the idea [a birthday party for Hip Hop] received last year, I realized that there are still people out here that remember when Hip Hop was fun. Others felt my love for the culture and wanted to help make it bigger. I am very proud to be part of this celebration which will pay tribute to the trailblazers and applaud those maintaining the griot tradition.”


The SYNERGY Tastemakers Award is presented annually to the individual whose activities have helped to increase the general public’s awareness of Baltimore’s burgeoning music scene. This year’s honoree is Tracye Stafford of IKON Entertainment. “Over the last year IKON Entertainment has been at the forefront of Hip Hop Entertainment in Baltimore. Through her continued efforts, Hip Hop is becoming seen as an alternative to the typical club environment. Her work directly benefits local artists and media professionals” explains Wheeler. “She is giving us something to talk about.”


DJ's were part of the heart and soul of Hip Hop during its inception. Hip Hop started not with the MCs but rather with the DJ. The DJ essentially was the Master Of Ceremonies; he was the MC. In recognition of this, 2 of Baltimore’s premier DJs, P-Funk of the Elements Party/Style Warz and WEAA 88.9 Strictly Hip Hop and Baltimore City Paper’s Reader Poll Best Club DJ 2005 award recipient, Lil Mic, were enlisted to provide the perfect soundtrack for festivities. “This event is for people that remember when Hip Hop was fun”, adds Wheeler. “The party is about celebrating our love and admiration for the culture.”


2005’s SYNERGY celebration is sponsored by The Elements Party, Architects Recording Studios, Rah Energy Promotions, DJ Lil Mic, The Reel DVD, SAMOS Clothing Co. and Real on Purpose Entertainment. Local aerosol writers (graffiti) have donated works for a raffle to benefit families displaced by hurricane Katrina.


The event will be held at the 5 Seasons Restaurant and Lounge (830 N. Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202) on Thursday November 17, 2005. Doors open at 9:00 pm. General Admission is $10 before 11 pm. Limited $40 VIP passes are available. Tables are available with RSVP only. All of Baltimore’s newsworthy talent will be in one place. Regional and National media outlets/press agencies are encouraged to attend. A limited number of press passes will be issued with RSVP only.



“We succeed when you succeed”. SYNERGY is a boutique PR firm based in Baltimore, MD. Their current client roster includes the Elements Party, Style Warz, Ogun and E the poet emcee.


About Baltimore Hip Hop Lives:

Founded in 2005, Baltimore Hip Hop Lives is a collective of promoters, publicists, writers, managers, recording studios, artists (audio and visual), clothiers and friends dedicated to raising the community’s awareness of Baltimore’s emerging Hip Hop scene. Their sole mission is to support the local Hip Hop scene through collective work and responsibility.



Courtney Wheeler of SYNERGY

“Bringing artists and media together in the spirit of cooperation”

Media Liaison














Come out and party with us!!! Hip Hop Lives!! Watchout now!!!

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yo what time is B-fly gonna hit the stage? i saw a vid of one of her shows this summer and been trying to catch her ever since. shorty is off the hook!!!! what was that song called...cut and paste?!?!?!

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B. is very ill. She has so many bangers. Not sure about cut and paste tho. :D Maybe she'll do that joint. The showcase will start btw 10:00- 10:30 she is maybe the first or second act.



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Guest Lady Dae

i hate to admit it, but that chick b-fly has more star power than any other rapper in b-more. i went to cali and atl this summer and niggas in the streets knew her verses line 4 line. that cut and paste ***brown trout*** is real. i heard it on 92 the other night. she wont be just the girl fish much longer. how the hell do they know her in cali? who's her manager i need to get w/ that team.

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