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Sent: Friday, October 28, 2005 12:28 AM

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Subject: [tenleytown] My take on Rees v. Brooks


Through all of this bickering between candidates for our new ward

council member, I took the time to look at the websites of Sam

Brooks and Jonathan Rees.


Mr. Brook's website merely speaks of a great future for us in DC,

asks for you and I to vote for him so we can have that great future,

but he does not offer us any ideas or a plan as to how he will go

about achieving that, and his website is void any contact

information but he asks that we make a contribution to him via an

unsecured site. Mr. Brooks is a very young man I believe to be 26

years old, just out of college, little or no work experience and

even less in government other than a few stenches with local

political figures that were very short lived according to much on

the web about him.


Mr. Rees' website is fixated around economic issues that need to be

addressed in order for DC to achieve all else. There is some contact

information on it, he is not asking for our money to further his

campaign and he is very specific in what he wants to achieve. I

believe Mr. Rees is around 50 years old, has around twenty five

years experience in upper business management and from public

records, he has been heavily involved in political affairs on all



I believe that Mr. Brooks orchestrated all of the posted attacks on

Mr. Rees and I believe that Mr. Rees orchestrated all of the counter

attacks that were posted against Mr. Brooks in response to a wrong

started by Mr. Brooks, but I accept that as par for the course in

the ugly business of politics and I would be disappointed if we

actually ever had a clean political race.


The foregoing aside, if we look at the credentials of these two

candidates and all of us are honest with ourselves, I think that Mr.

Brooks is grossly unqualified to succeed Kathy Patterson and I would

be more trusting of Mr. Rees to do a good job only because of his

years of experience in management and politics but for no other

reason and to give it to Sam Brooks would be like giving my five

year old grandson and handgun.


Just my thoughts on this matter and for everybody else, food for



Sam Fred Messinger

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