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The Washington Post Just Said No To Sam Brooks

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I'm not going to advertise on this list the slanderous e-mail account that was setup in Sam Brooks' name. However, if somebody checked back in the DCpages they could easily find it, that's how Shannon found it.


This is my last post until you answer this question. You're continually trying to change the subject because you cannot answer this.


How is it that you directed Harry Firestone and others to e-mail my fiancee hateful e-mails in repsone to an e-mail she sent to a phony e-mail address set up pretending to be Sam Brooks when only the owner of that e-mail would have known about it?


Sam Brooks...you have been set up...

Second, those other screen names you just stated never appeared in any list server but I had friends last night email you at your phony screen name shannon.hughes@gmail.com and this day you finally exposed yourself Sam because how would you have know those names who emailed Shannon last night unless you are Shannon?


GOT YOU NOW SAM BROOKS. You just proved my point.


And no, I am not associated with any candidate but just one of many people tired of you running around the web attacking people indiscriminately.



From what I saw, your girlfriend responded to a blind ad on Craig's List which Harry posted to lure SAM in and she responded to that blind ad in angry manner. She did not respond to a published name.


What was her reason to respond to such a blind ad?


Is it that you and her spend most of your days cruising the web.


Contrary to what you say, I believe that you are either SAM or working for him as nobody would spend as much time on the web as you do, for the many months you have and focus on attacking someone.


Also you never answered the question are you JT Frank or FRANK R as you have avoided this question for over an hour. I believe you are all of these people.

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I was contacted by Eric Marshall and confirmed that he is who he states his is on these boards. Further, I have confirmed that he works where he stated he works.

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