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Kathy Patterson New & Insane Tax Proposal

Guest Jonathan R. Rees

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Guest Jonathan R. Rees

The DC Public Schools has for years, had more than enough money in its budget to address the upkeep of our schools but due to mismanagement of money and manpower it never happened.


There is no need to throw good money (new taxes) after bad until we address those who are guilty of the mismanagement!


Kathy Patterson has always solved problems with new taxes and has voted in favor of every proposed new tax contrary to her claim she hates to do = it.


DC Public Schools like most of DC Government is TOP HEAVY. Meaning under Anthony Williams, we have almost twice as many $100,000.00 a year government employees than we did under Barry.


I challenge Kathy Patterson to publicly present what portion of the school's budget went to Ward 3, what went to salaries and etcetera and when she does, we will see why our schools are falling apart and the mismanagement I speak of.


NEED MONEY? Then it is time to downscale the size of DC Government to a size equal to most cities our size and HOOP DE LA, we would have that $1 billion dollars Patterson wants... and look MOM, no new taxes!


Kathy Patterson is the TAX QUEEN but never proposes taxes on things she likes just what she hates.


As I have said on my website which now went over the 10,000 hit mark



Mayor Williams (D) and every other Democratic member of the DC City Council have by their own admission stated that while they promised to lower taxes and decrease the size of DC Government, they have NOT.



Kathy Patterson is part of the problem not the solution as her tax, tax and more tax philosophy is hurting this city and how are we going to attract new businesses with tax proposals galore flying over head like bats out of hell?

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