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I Met Ward Three Candidate Rees Today!

Guest Joanne Kaufman

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Guest Joanne Kaufman

I met Ward Three Candidate Rees Today and I am impressed.


Earlier this evening, my boyfriend and I were sitting outside of the Starbucks on Connecticut Avenue in the Chevy Chase DC area and I saw this man walking along the side street with a back pack on and he was stapling a flier on a telephone pole that said [Rees for Ward 3 DC City Councilman]. Went he walked by us, I said, “Jonathan Rees”? He responded yes and I asked if he had a minute to talk to us. He took off his back pack, sat down with us and we engaged him in discussion for almost forty-five minutes on so many issues. My boyfriend and I were impressed with his knowledge but more so, because he actually stopped what he was doing to talk to us as I can recall in the past, when I ran into other candidates, they brushed me off as fast as they could which says to me that I meant nothing to them but to have a candidate actually drop what he was doing for me says this is a caring man and my boyfriend and I will vote for him.


If you see Jonathan Rees, stop him and see for yourself how nice he is and if he drops what he is doing for you then you will know like we now do that he is for real.

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