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Help Tim Kaine Run For Virginia Governor

Guest Tom McMahon

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Guest Tom McMahon

The Republican culture of corruption has burst into plain sight. Scandals all over the country have many of you seeing 2006 as a chance to win big. But before we can win next year, we need to fight hard to win the few elections in 2005 - and one of them is happening not far from where you live.


In just under three weeks, your neighbors in Virginia will go to the polls to select a new governor. Also up for election: the lieutenant governor, the attorney general and dozens of state legislative seats.


This election will set the direction of Virginia for the next four years. You can help ensure that a Democrat is setting the course. Volunteer in Virginia now:




Democrats in Virginia face a tough fight. Our candidate for governor, Tim Kaine, has a Republican opponent desperate enough to say or do anything to win. His opponent launched an attack ad last week that invoked the specter of Hitler to boost his cause -- a stunt that newspapers and Jewish leaders across the state denounced as "morally repugnant" and "vile".


The Democratic National Committee, The Democratic Party of Virginia and the Democratic Governors Association have formed a united front. We plan to go all-out to elect Democrats across the state. But our plans -- and our candidates -- depend on you.


Stand up with Tim Kaine and join Virginia Democrats in rejecting Republican attacks. Together, we'll teach the GOP a lesson to remember all the way through 2006.


Sign up to volunteer in Virginia between now and Election Day:




With your help, we can put thousands of volunteers on the ground -- and show Democrats in Virginia and across America that when they need us, we stand ready to help anywhere, anytime.


Time is short -- so sign up now, and call on your fellow Democrats nearby to help in Virginia.

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