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With the gubernatorial election coming down to the wire in Virginia, Jerry Kilgore needs your help.


Republicans across the nation are rallying to Jerry Kilgore's side in the campaign's final weeks. A few weeks ago on Super Saturday, more than 9,000 of you volunteered to make phone calls on behalf of Jerry's campaign.


Now, I'm asking you to take the next step: Adopt a Precinct.


Here's how it works: sign up, and we'll email you a list of 25 voters in one Virginia community. You'll call those voters to ask them to support Jerry Kilgore. One week before Election Day, we'll e-mail you the list of supporters you've identified so you can contact them and remind them to vote. We'll give you everything you'll need to be successful, including detailed instructions and a chance to learn about the issues at stake in this election. It's easy - and critical to make sure we turn out Jerry's supporters on Election Day.


With only a few weeks left before Election Day, this is a great opportunity for everyone in the Republican family to pitch in to help our friend, Jerry Kilgore. Last year, your grassroots efforts helped re-elect President Bush. This campaign is very, very close. By adopting a precinct, you can help elect Jerry Kilgore and continue our Party's progress.



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