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Rumsfeld Deploys Street Gangs To Baghdad


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After repeatedly failing to obtain additional troops from allies, Donald Rumsfeld has announced the deployment of street gangs to restore order in chaotic Baghdad. "We have determined that the current situation in Iraq is getting increasingly dangerous for the troops currently deployed there. The number of attacks has risen from 12 a day to 20-25 a day in recent weeks, and we're determined to do something about that. Therefore, we are deploying our best trained, best equipped urban warfare troops to Baghdad to restore order," Rumsfeld told the press. (more...)


Rumsfeld will initially deploy The Crips, The Bloods, NS-13 and the 18th Street Gang to separate sections of Baghdad to take and hold turf, and cap some guerrillas in the process. During a closed cell meeting with the gang leadership at Corcoran State Prison, Rumfeld broke it down for the men:

"Whadup, Dawgs? I ain't here to dis you, but you can either get down for the hood or chingate. It ain't right the way Hussein's been fronting-in the President, so if you're willing to fly our colors in Baghdad, then you can jet. Our troops are getting lit up daily but, hey, we ain't boned out yet. No diggity, we're gonna get some juice after we move on these clucks. This where you come in."

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