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Yes, Anybody But Patterson, Evans And The Like

Guest Michael A. anderson

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Guest Michael A. anderson

When I look at the cast of political characters out there and I see Jack Evans getting popped for mismanaging his own PAC, rumors going around that some stuff will come out that will embarass Kathy Patterson and people bad mouth candidates like Rees and others, I am beginning to believe that all of this is being posted by people working for each of the campaigns out to put doubts in our minds about the others.


There is no doubt that the so called friendship between Evans and Patterson is pure bullcrap and that Patterson was working behind the scenes to knock Evans out of the competition, that rumors have been going around that Patterson is so sure she will win that she would field candidates to her liking for wards 1 and 3 and maybe more and only God knows what Evans is up to in order to even the score.


Not even Evans, Patterson or others have come up with any clear indication of what they want for us or will really try to do that is different but again, they sing that same ole song of let me see how much I can bullcrap the people a third or forth time.


After wading through all of this bullcrap, I have to give this Rees guy credit as he has a good website, he is out there getting his stuff out, shaking hands, he at least responds to my email and even if I think he is going for mega kill and a bit annoying at times, I respect him as he isn't out their pulling the ***brown trout*** Evans and Patterson are on each other.


Can we have a no-bullcrap campaign based on the issues or is that beyond our ability in DC?

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Finally I get to meet a person that know how to speak his mind. Mike what do you think about Vincent Orange? I feel that the Brentwood Shopping Center was a good idea, but New York my neighborhood is still sketchy. Its sad that the District does not put more money into revitalizing Ward 5.

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