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Was Your Dc Superior Court Judge A Wife Beater Too

Guest Jonathan R. Rees

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Guest Jonathan R. Rees





In the District of Columbia more than anywhere else in the USA, the judicial branch of government has run rampant, unchecked and the balance is way out of kilt and it is time to push back the judicial branch before it controls everything.


EVER NOTICE….That the only people who ever praise the so called good works of judges are judges but nobody else thinks so?


I love these self-righteous over paid angels of Lucifer as they puff up their Résumé as having graduated magna ejaculate laude from a top notch law school, member of some great society, God fearing, champion of some great cause but at the same time can’t explain why judges in America now have one the highest rates of divorce and acts of adultery, substance abuse and mental illness of any profession, and at the same time, they know how messed up they are that they create laws that prevents John Q. Public from suing or removing them and rally behind any and all efforts to quash anyone who dares to challenge them by setting that person up for a fall.


Never forget, it was a panel of judges, the most educated in the laws of God and man’s laws that sentenced Jesus to death out of sheer vindictiveness because he just didn’t want to go along with the program.


To show how messed up DC judges are, I know six of them who have children you can find at DuPont Circle high on drugs often because they were too busy climbing up that pedestal that they had no time to raise their children correctly and at one time, I had to pick up off the side walk one of these judges’ kids, call to his mother (DC Superior Court Judge) to arrange to get him before the U S Park Police was going to lock him up and waited there until she and her lawyer husband arrived to haul him off.


The sad truth is, too many judges in DC are psychologically messed up, have messed up marriages and families and that is all because they have been too busy alienating themselves from most of us, climbing up that delusional pedestal of greatness and spending too much time figuring out ways of screwing over the little guy while planning out new ways as to how John Q. Public should kiss their ass.


I believe that a condition of judgeship in DC after appointment is that yearly each judge much undergo an extensive psychological evaluation with the prospect of suspension with pay if it is determine that the judge shows signs of depression, stress, substance abuse, extensive family problems and etcetera.


I also believe that no judge to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia should serve more than one eight year term, no re-appointment possibility and that the Commission on Disability and Tenure should be revamped as it has been way too weak and forgiving of judicial abuses.


I am not against our judges but they have to start being more realistic and treat John Q. Public better than they do as they are often no better than the people they pass judgment upon.


Right now, I could go to the Washington Post, name six DC Superior Court judges who have children hooked on drugs, judges who live a double life but very covertly and that would make a heck of a good story with the title “Falling From The Pedestal”. Add to this a DC Superior Court judge who was arrested for beating his own wife and others who did the dumbest things most of us missed in the papers or it was suppressed as a favor from you and me learning about.


I think in DC, there are many who know already what I do but sit on it out of fear of facing the wrath of the judges if they open their mouths.


Yet, what I say cannot detract from the fact that half of the judges are good people who really try hard to do right and treat John Q. Public with the utmost respect but it is the other half, all of us should be concerned with because dealing with them is like going under the knife for surgery with a surgeon under the influence.


Today our judges sit in judgment of us and whether or not we are fit for a wide variety of things in life but maybe the time has come where the voters have a tool, where we can sit in judgment of them as they are servants of the people and when we see that they need to be removed and forced into treatment or counseling, the task should not be insurmountable and the legal industry not be allowed to encase itself in this unbreakable shell it has put itself in.


In sum, probably 95% of our judges would not agree with me but 95% of the people not in the legal field would and when we as voters talk about the poor services we are getting as taxpayers, let’s not ignore the garbage we get tossed from the judicial branch too.

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