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Dc Tenant Mobilization Underway

Guest kobi snitz

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Guest kobi snitz

DC’s tenant advocacy coalition (TENAC) is mobilizing to protect rent control.

DC has relatively strong tenant control laws on the book. They are not there by accident, but are a result of a long struggle by district residents. However, those who would weaken tenants rights, limit their rights to organize and deny them their rights are hard at work gutting existing laws and rolling back past gains. The rent control bill contains so many loopholes and has such weak enforcement that it does not prevent rents in the district from skyrocketing.


TENAC is seeking to build a mobilization list of DC tenants and their supporters to support pro tenant legislation and make sure the council does not allow for roll backs in tenants rights.


To join TENAC’S mobilization, learn about your rights as a tenant and the history of TENAC please go to


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Guest Alan Heymann

Twelve members of the DC Council joined together today to

support a bill strengthening rent control, developed by Councilmember Jim

Graham (D-Ward One). It is the first legislation to strengthen rent control

in more than 20 years.


Chairman Linda W. Cropp and Councilmembers Marion Barry, Kwame Brown, Jack

Evans, Adrian Fenty, Vincent Gray, Phil Mendelson, Vincent Orange and Kathy

Patterson co-introduced the bill. Councilmembers David Catania and Carol

Schwartz are co-sponsors.


The bill would limit any rent increase for a rent-controlled unit to a

single increase not to exceed 10% per year, and limit the amount a landlord

can increase the rent on a vacant unit in a building subject to rent

control. It was referred to the Committee on Consumer and Regulatory

Affairs, which is chaired by Councilmember Graham.


"We are losing thousands of affordable rental apartments every year," said

Councilmember Graham. "Almost every single one of my colleagues signed on to

this bill -- because we know the current rent control law is not working

well, and it's time to fix it."


Councilmember Graham, Chairman Cropp and Councilmember Fenty also introduced

a bill defining the right of tenants to organize associations within their

buildings. For example, the bill would ensure that tenants could distribute

materials door to door and hold meetings in common areas of an apartment

building. Co-sponsors are Councilmembers Brown, Gray, Orange, Evans,

Mendelson and Patterson.


The committee will hold a hearing on these bills on Wednesday, October 26 at

10 a.m. in the Council Chamber of the John A. Wilson Building, 1350

Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. The public may sign up to testify by calling John

Adams at (202) 724-8198.


Alan Heymann

Communications Director

Councilmember Jim Graham


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