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Councilman Jack Evans Is A Crook.

Guest Kathy Patterson

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Oh my God. I actually liked his ideas. But, to let him slide on taking my over taxed paying dollars for him to have a good time. I will give him the boot out of office if no one else will?

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Guest Jack Evans, DC Council Member

12 years, I have used a political action committee ("PAC") to support Democratic candidates and good causes, and to cover political expenses of mine that are not related to a campaign or to constituent-services, and are not appropriate to charge to taxpayers. The PAC is registered with the DC Office of Campaign Finance ("OCF"), and, for the entire 12-year period, I have faithfully filed all appropriate reports, disclosing all contributions and all expenditures, every six months. All of this information is, and has always been, available to the public. I am confident that the PAC has operated in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Recently, questions have been raised about the PAC. We are voluntarily working cooperatively with OCF, giving them full access to all the PAC records and answering any questions they may have. As we have done in the past, we will comply with any policy or operational decision OCF ultimately makes. While we are not aware of any DC law prohibiting an elected official from operating a PAC -- and, in fact, this situation is expressly permitted under federal law -- if OCF determines that the PAC should not exist, we will disband it.


On the specific issue raised in Thursday's Washington Post about travel to China -- One of the expenses that the PAC covered was for the lodging of a friend, who traveled to China as part of an official Washington delegation, in which the other city officials were accompanied by their spouses. The city reimbursed me separately for my airfare and separate accommodations. No expense covered by the city was covered by the PAC.

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