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Guest Peter B.

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Guest Peter B.

Councilmember Jack Evans introduced the following bill, To establish a dedicated revenue stream to fund the construction, renovation, and modernization

of all D.C. Public Schools.


Jack Evans proposes that within the General Fund of the District of Columbia a segregated, non-lapsing special revenue fund to be known as the Comprehensive School Modernization Fund (“Fund”). Revenue deposited in the Fund shall not revert to the unrestricted fund balance of the General Fund of the District of Columbia at the end of any fiscal year or at any other time, but shall be continually available for future uses and purposes.


For the first $100 million in additional revenue identified by the CFO, from existing

revenue streams, the amount identified of additional revenue shall be deposited directly into theFund from real property taxes (other than the real property special tax).


Jack Evans proposes the establishment of the Office of School Modernization Management within the executive branch of the government of the

District of Columbia an Office of School Modernization Management of the District On or before June 15, 2006, the Mayor shall appoint a Director of the Office of 20

School Modernization Management who shall have an extensive background of experience in construction management and finance, subject to an affirmative Council confirmation.


The Director shall be an employee of the Office of School Modernization

Management. The Director may be removed by the Mayor submitting a resolution for the Director’s removal to the Council of the District of Columbia, which must be affirmatively approved by the Council.


The Director shall have the authority to hire and fire personnel within his or

her Office, manage the financial affairs of the Office of School Modernization Management, approve and disapprove accessing funding from the Fund.


Expenditures from the fund shall be authorized as follows:


DCPS shall create and submit to Mayor, the Council, and the Board of 2

Education a Master Facilities Plan (“Plan”) that includes an analysis of excess space that exists in DCPS and how to effectively utilize or reduce this excess space, and shall have the Plan available for public viewing on the DCPS website. On or before August 1 of each year, DCPS must submit to the Mayor, the

Council, the Board of Education, and the Office of School Modernization Management an update of the spending on all facilities projects. DCPS shall submit to the Office of School Modernization Management, for approval, any project in as much detail as the Director shall require, that will utilize funds from 10

the Fund, including agreed upon times at which DCPS shall update the Director of the progress of project to obtain future funds. 12


The Director of the Office of School Modernization Management shall

approve the project before any funds from the Fund may be advanced to DCPS.

DCPS shall return to the Director periodically to obtain certification that each 15

stage of the project has been completed satisfactorily and that the funds that have been expended have been spent for the purpose given and according to the plans and specifications of the project.

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