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Seeking A Bigger Bust Size


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Hello everyone,


My name is Terri. Currently, I am a US soldier deployed in Iraq. In November I will be home in Maryland for 2 weeks. During the 2 weeks I would like to embark on consultations with prospective plastic surgeons that specialize in breast implant procedures. Presently, I am a large A cup and would like to increase my bust size to a large C cup; in fact, ideally I would like my breast to resemble Rosario Dawson's busts in the movie Alexandria; hence, large but perky and bouncy. Perhaps someone has undergone such a cosmetic procedure and could recommend an experience and reasonable price surgeon in the MD or DC area.


I would greatly appreciate your help :D .


God Bless America,



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i had them done in Hawaii so i can't tell you who to go to. what i can say is that you may be interested in going over the muscle. i had three surgeries until they looked right. i had complications with them under. i hear of this all the time. what i can also say is that a large c cup...you may want to go for the d because in time they will seem smaller. i have lots of friends, including my hair dresser who is on this forum, we all agree that after time you will get used to them. just listen to your doctor and let him guide you with the right size. these days they have improved as when they first started with enhancement. also make sure that this is something you really want to do, because once it is done, it is done. i have spent thousands of dollars but i feel better than before. i did make sure that the doctor would fix anything, if that should happen. so i went back until it was right. i am getting married next week and i know that my husband loves me with or without them, he is a booty guy! in the end it is about doing this for yourself and making sure you really want it. careful though, once you start with plastic surgery, it is like tatoos, you will want to get more. no when to say no. hope this helps you with the decision. i know that consultations are free, just don't pick the first doctor you meet.

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