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Let Me Speak My Peace About This Guy Rees.

Guest S Jackson

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Guest S Jackson

Let me speak my peace about this guy Rees.


This man has gone around only announcing that he is running for the seat that Kathy Patterson will soon vacate.


It is my understanding that he and his brother are the people who have walked up and down every street in Ward Three every night putting up on telephone poles his little flyer and placing his campaign postcards on our car windows just to let us know he is here.


If my mathematics is correct, then if you add up the distance of every street in Ward Three, Rees has walked about 475 miles just to introduce himself to us.


This says to me, that if Rees is going to walk so much, do what he has and he is doing this just to get our vote, then I imagine that he will go a great distance for us when we come to him with a need as most of our other council members and candidates hardly break a sweat to let us know about them.


This to me is a real politician who will do most of the foot work himself, does not have others out there doing it for him or speaking for him and this was the way it was years ago when we once trusted our political leaders.


As I understand it, he goes to every event he is invited to that would impact upon us in Ward Three.


To me, this guy is for real and while we will never agree 100% with the stance our elected or want to be elected officials take, I think this guy comes closet to what the majority at heart want for us.


I would like to never again see any attacks on this Rees guy because I doubt any of you would even do half of what he has with the intent of wanting to do good for all of us.


Can we agree, no more political attacks on Rees or any candidate?

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