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Lord Protects My Son’s Job............


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Had your statement been correct, there should have been no hunger death in this world? This means there is no such responsibility for the Lord. This is explained in Gita (Na Kartrutvam). Every living being attains any thing including food according to its own deeds. Therefore one should not aspire for any fruit from the Lord and thus one should be always selfless. The Lord protects such human beings only who are selfless and serve the Lord. The Lord protects them by transferring all the sins to Him. First you cut your blind bond (Moha) with your son. He was your enemy in the previous birth. You grabbed his property.


He is now born as your son to collect his money with interest (Runanubandha Roopena). In the previous birth you prayed the Lord to punish the same fellow. The Lord neither punished him in the previous not will protect him in this birth. The punishment and protection follow him as per the fruits of his deeds. All the living beings are dearer to Lord in all the births. For you one soul be comes dear in this birth and the same soul becomes enemy in another birth. You are recommending him to Me!


Suppose a guest comes to your house and recommends your son to you, how do you feel? The Lord punishes anybody only to bring realization in that soul. Did you not punish your son in the childhood. Did I interfere then in your punishment. I have more responsibility than your case. Guru is greater than even the parents. If you recommend anybody to the Lord, you are insulting the Lord. It shows as if you are more concerned about him than Me. Therefore you think about yourself and leave him to Me.



At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami





Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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