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Dc Deserves Better Than Kathy Patterson.....!

Guest Angela Biddy

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Guest Angela Biddy



DC Councilwoman Kathy Patterson' husband is the real brains behind all

that she does, she has been nothing but a one hit wonder thinking that her standing up to Chief Ramsey makes her a political heavy weight and her being an

absentee council member never attending most social events or mingling with the voters makes her not a very attractive candidate for Chair of our city council but that is a part of her husband's plan to keep her out of the reach of voters as he knows she would not stand up well under public scrutiny.


Ward three needs a new council member and DC does not need her at the helm of the council as she is so phony you can smell it a mile away and she has no



First she tells the press she will file and announce her intentions within a few days of Mrs. Cropp announcing, now she is telling a different story to you and what is the truth. You can never rely on anything she says.


She sends her own children to private schools but pretends she cares about our public schools. This is just the tip of the iceberg of her phony caring.


Jack Evans is dreaming if he uses the logic why risk a thing when she could have a easy win by staying in ward three. I think her time is up both in ward three

and city wide. While she has the name recognition, her reputation

of being a dead fish is well known even beyond Capitol Hill.


Only God knows how many of my friends could never get any action out of her office. We would call and get no answer or be shoved into voice mail; get shot over to somebody else or... Often I had to run over to Catania's office to get results that never seems to come from Patterson.


Why not write a story how lazy she and her staff is, how she does not live like most of us or how hubby Dale is the real council member and she is following

the scripts he writes.


I would take Graham or Gray over Patterson because they are real people who will take the time and actually come see you in person not send someone else

or not show at all.


Bottom line here is, can someone please expose this puppet of Dale's once and for all for what she really is, namely, a real phony.

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