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Guest Harry Firestone

Kathy Patterson Not To Seek Re-election To Ward 3

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Guest Harry Firestone






The Washington City Paper stated in this week's edition that Kathy Patterson will not seek re-election to her Ward 3 city council seat but will go for broke and seek the position of the Chairmanship of the DC City Council despite the fact that political experts have said that her popularity in Ward 3 had dropped below 30% as of January 2005, she does not have much name recognition outside of Ward 3, she will not fare well among Black and Hispanic voters and one of the local business publications claim that a survey they did of Ward 3 voters asking who would you vote for gave Rees 71% to Patterson’s 29% may be why Kathy Patterson has finally decided to go for broke and bow out of seeking re-election. Who knows but Patterson made it official in her interview with Loose Lips of the Washington City Paper.


Loose Lips of the Washington City Paper has been the most vocal critic of Patterson if you look back on past editions.


Tom Knott and other local reporters have been talking along the line that her career in DC Government is soon to come to an end and her past supporters, namely, soccer moms have abandon her with a very large group of housewives of medical professionals choosing this time round to back Rees.

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