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David Safavian Gave $300 Billion To Lobbyist

Guest Kate5659

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Guest Kate5659

A federal grand jury indicted David Safavian, the Bush administration’s former procurement policy chief, on charges of obstructing an investigation into his ties to a lobbyist, the Justice Department announced Oct. 5.


The five-count indictment accuses Safavian of covering up help he allegedly gave the lobbyist, who was pursuing land deals with the General Services Administration in 2002. Safavian was chief of staff at GSA at the time, and he allegedly told GSA and Senate investigators that the lobbyist had no business with GSA at a time when Safavian was giving the lobbyist advice and accompanied him on a golf trip to Scotland, the indictment says.


Safavian resigned Sept. 16 as administrator of federal procurement policy at the Office of Management and Budget, the same day criminal charges were filed. He was arrested Sept. 19.


David Safavian, also pushed a provision in a disaster bill to increase the number of contracts that Congress could award on a noncompetitive basis. Safavian was in a hurry: The week his provision became law, he was indicted for allegedly lying to investigators in a different controversy.


Even the inspector general of the Homeland Security Department has said he is "very apprehensive" about how the administration is handing out contracts.


Safavian's wife, Jennifer, is chief counsel on the House Government Operations Committee, overseeing the investigation into the Bush administration's response to hurricane Katrina.


Now that is a real joke, but I am not laughing. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! WAKE UP!!!

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