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Dj Gigi's Last Spin In Dc


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By many blessings, I have had the most amazing luck (I really was smiled on) to work with, and learn from, and be supported by some of the most talented DJs in DC, Double o7 without question- thanks for letting me hang on the glass for so many years, DJ Daniel - who had the guts and patience to teach me, Ivan G - can't even begin to say enough, 3 Degrees Family, Big Sexy - for checking me from time to time, Aou - for a kick-ass residency at Mantis because you got that I believed, Zach who gave me a safe space to make mistakes and was always my biggest cheerleader, Dave Rosenberg, Adrian Loving, Fathom, Jim Damato, Case - for always playing my song, Ray Kang - play flashdance ONE MORE TIME, Shadrach, Sam Burns, Sexy Fitsum, DJ Dub - thanks for sticking up for the only girl in the Hut most of the time, Curtis Lee, Reggie B & Divine -you always made it to Mantis between sets!, DJ Green, Gruv Regulator - my first real gig!!!, DJ Jolene, DJ Red Dakini, Deep and Jazzy, DJ Baby, DJ DFrost, Brad Revis - thanks for believing I could teach you anything, My DC Syndicate Crew, Osulande - who let me go crage diggin' with him, My "In the Duece Crew" - Russell, Josh D, and DJ Recloose, and more that I'm forgeting I'm sure but are in my heart... I thank each and every one of you for your support, belief and patience most of all!


All of my gratitude to Christopher for always being the proudest to see me play, for making me Believe in Love for the first time and always being my Sunshine.


Because of you all - I found House Music - House gave me spirit, gave me soul, gave me hope, gave me a voice, gave me wings, and gave me sanctuary...


I have by dumb luck again, been privileged and grateful to play at Avenue, Blue Room, Mantis, Zucchabar, Wonderland, Cafe Japone, Anzu, and "In the Duece" - Bab's and the Alley Bar.




Please join me this Saturday for my last performance - let me thank you in song one last time... Details below - the trip to SE is worth it!!! See House as it was in the beginning, when House was Spiritual, when House was family!!!


I'll kick things off at 6 p.m.!!!




Your invited to Vintage Vibez's last outdoor event of the season. Thanks to all the great people and DJ's who have supported the music and all of Vintage Vibez's past events. Its because of the overwhelming turnouts that allows us to provide FREE food, live entertainment and admission for all our outdoor events. Back by popular demand spinning the best in Deep Underground House, Disco, R&B Club Classics and Old School:


Featuring DJ/Producer Curtis Lee. Very special guest DJ Mark Moultrie (B-more), DJ Ernest Fountain (New Jersey) and DJ/Producer Ivan G (Adams Morgan in DC).


It wouldn't be a Vintage Vibez event without great ambiance under the stars, down home cooked food and the best kick butt cocktail drinks specials topped off with Nichelle's famous spiked fruit salad. This is a free event so we appreciate and accept all donations to help with the cost of the next event. Along with great live music and dancing under the pavilion, there also will be card games, X Box as well as CDs for sale and to give away will be included in the activates.


Without Music - Life Isn't Fair

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