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Christiansilva - Who's House Is It Now?


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Guest Angry Mike

Yay! The word is spreading. I live in London and have seen them three or four times in the last few months - they still play gigs like Dublin Castle, Water Rats so you get that massiveness in a small venue. What CD did you get - the one I have is 'Gilda/Why Should I/A Camera' I think it an early demo.

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Where's the dublin castle and water rats? are they in London? or Ireland?


Yeah, he sent me a burned CD with loads of music and 4 tracks by christiansilva - Houseguests, Everybody's Burning Books, Peter Pan and Call Off Your Dogs. I never heard of them, and I'm like 'why the **thank** haven't I heard of them over here?


I'll get him to send me "bring his head" when it's out over there. Is it the same live? I wanna know more about Guy.

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Hi Marie,


I'm Randall (drummer/2nd vocalist for christiansilva). Thanks for the compliments - very much appreciated. Washington though?!! that's really weird! Just came up on the first page of google!


The reason you won't have heard of us before, is because we're not that well known here yet - soon enough we will push the boat out further.


The EP is available in the UK next week - but as you're 5,000 miles away - try ordering from www.hmv.co.uk, www.amazon.co.uk, or www.roughtrade.co.uk


and our label too: www.somethinginconstruction.co.uk


In answer to your questions....the dublin castle and water rats are both in London, and are small but beautiful venues. I'm sorry that it's only London at the moment.


And Guy...well, there's way too much to tell you in a post like this. But he is very very smart, quick, funny....and does not stop writing music, lyrics, stories....painting, drawing etc....but always new songs.....and there will be some more 'awesome' stuff for you soon!


Love from Randall & christiansilva x

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