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Redskins Are 3-0

Guest Jimmy

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After that Dallas win you can tell that our offense is starting to get in a serious groove. I think once Brunell gets his timing better we will be a force to reckon with.


The only moment I almost lost hope was when Brunell threw that INT. I could not believe that the Sea Hawks Kicker missed that field goal. They should make him hitch back to Seattle. That miss is going to haunt him for a long time.



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Guest Starbuck

The scoreboard doesnt say it but the Seahawks won that game. It should have been 17-10 when we picked off Brunnel. That bull$hit PI call was on 3rd and long and the Skins were not in FG range.Skins got a Win handed to them but the Hawks are clearly the better team of the two.

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Yeah everyone is saying the skins are so close to being undefeated. But besides the niners. They are only 10 points total away from losing all those games. Glad to see something go right for the skins. I just hate all day after a game hearing about how the skins were good even though they lost or how well they were since they won. Like after the niner game I hear about how great the skins were and so for many hours. Nothing on but that crap when there were some good games on tv but couldnt see them. The niners su**, its no surprise the skins beat them like they did. If they didnt than they would be facing problems late in season.

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Guest joeknight

I think you have a bad attitude about the Washington Redskins we played hard and won the game. I hope you change your attitude and be happy that we are 4 and 2 and we are great.

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Guest attitude

No my attitude has nothing to do with the redskins. There are many games on every week some with really good teams playing. Instead I watch the skins destroy the worst team in the nfl. How exciting. Personally Im glad they are not underachieving like they do every other year. I am saying that I dont like to hear about their game for 5 hours straight when I could be watching two of the top teams in the nfl battle it out.


Plus to factor is Washington is not great. They are good and will probaly be playoff bound but who knows they are last in thier division though so I think it is a far cry from great. But at least they competitive. You think Im bashing the skins and u are a huge skins fan so you are insulted by this. I love watching football in general no matter who it is as long as it is a competitve close well fought game. Not 50 point blowouts against horrible team. So you are saying you would rather watch that skins 49ers game when you are pretty sure they are going to win. Or would you rather watch the eagles who were in front of the skins lose a tight one at the last second. the eagles losing is just as good as skins winning since they are in same division. I just want to watch the better games thats all.

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