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Hollywood Hair Extensions Great Price

Guest Sophia

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HOLLYWOOD HAIR EXTENSIONS GREAT PRICE My name is Sophia and I have been doing extensions for ten years.


Christina, Madonna and Britney all have one thing in common...hair extensions. You too can have beautiful hair extensions without the large cost the stars pay.


Have Long Beautiful Hair in 1 Day Just Like the Movie Stars!


Your hair will move and look like it is growing from your scalp because we actually adhere human hair to your own strands of hair. It’s quick, painless and does not harm your natural hair.


Fusion bonding - natural hair is divided into small sections then the hair weave is attached to the natural hair using the original Fusion Method adhesive. The fusion 3 months. It grows out as your natural hair grows out. It is easily, painlessly removable using a patented remover solution.


The process gives added fullness and length. Yes, any color or grade of hair can be matched.


No weaving machine, no pole, no braiding, no needle, no thread, no weft, and no heat. Strands to strands—no pain.


Will not damage your hair. Go from short, damaged hair to long, beautiful hair in one day.


The cost is $350-500. We only use human hair. Your hair will be soft to the touch. We bring all supplies and will match to your hair color. The hair is charged seperate and ranges from $60-$250. We can determine which hair to use depending on your needs.


I can come to you or you can come to me. We are set up to do hair in Baltimore/Washington and Hagerstown.


This type of hair extension is 12/14/16 or 18 inches long. You can also do extensions to add volume to thin hair or go for the exotic look and have a full head done.


Preparation: What do I need to do before I come? If you are African American, please have your hair permed prior to coming. Everyone should shampoo their hair. Do not use a conditioner or any oils afterward. Come with clean, straight hair.


After Care: You will be amazed how easy it is to take care of your new mane. I suggest using a silk pillow case. I also suggest brushing hair from the bottom up. I always bring extra supplies for sale so that you may purchase proper items @ a discounted cost for hair care.


Call me to book your appointment Sophia 301-991-4879 OR e-mail me @


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